Over the past few decades the field of Emergency Medicine has been quickly emerging and developing. Spreading across countries just as soon as it began to take form, first among professionals and then, as it solidified, amongst the general population.
This development came from the clear understanding that an exhaustive and full medical training is not necessary to acquire the skills needed to save lives. Rather, a certain basic training is sufficient to provide the tools for critical first aid even for those who do not work in the medical field on a daily basis.

MALAR was established by professionals and first-class leaders in the field of Emergency Medicine who have filled key positions in the IDF Emergency Medicine services and in the most prominent civilian Emergency Medicine organizations. Over time, MALAR has gathered into its ranks the best instructors with military and / or civilian training and with rich experience in teaching and providing advanced first aid and CPR.

Our customers include many different institutions, including shooting ranges, teachers, security companies from Israel and abroad, government employees, bank employees, employees of various factories, sports instructors, tour guides, community centers, youth groups, and individuals.

Today, the MALAR is recognized and appreciated to many private and government organizations who are involved in the field such as the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labor and Commerce, private educational establishments, the Ministry of Transport and Shipping and more.

The Values that Distinguish MALAR

The ability to provide to it's students, beyond the basic mandatory first aid curriculum, the tools and preparation for ideal for dealing with real potential emergency situations, thus MALAR manages the expose its students to the field of Emergency Medicine through everyday life in the attempt to create a connection between the subject matter and common emergency situations in life of the students.
MALAR's training center has created a course based on Power Point presentations that are carfully built in an illustrative manner that catches the eye. MALAR's presentations are updated constantly to reflect the research in the international field of Emergency Medicine.
A diploma recognized by the Ministry of health will be issued for students who have successfully passed the tests at end of the course and will arrive at the student's home up to four days from the date of payment.

MALAR's Research Department goes a long way to provide the latest material, written in a way that makes it easy to read and understand.
Using illustrations and various didactic methods, all so you can make the most out of the written material in the best way possible.

We in MALAR promise to provide you with the most exact, clear and updated material at any time so that together we can save lives.

Representatives of MALAR are available at any time to provide answers to all your questions and to provide specific explanations on the range of solutions we offer.

To order first aid courses, medical and security escort services, and provision of medical equipment, please contact us.

Best Regards,

The Management of MALAR – The Center for First Aid Learning.

For more information and to set up a class call the Instruction Center 03-6700971